Finding contentment









This article is different than anything else I have ever written but is about a subject I have been thinking about a lot lately, finding contentment. The things that fill up our everyday lives and conversations are so insignificant sometimes. I hear people discussing the latest and greatest of all the electronics and products available today.

The IPAD was so cool until the IPAD 2 came out and then IPAD 3, the MINI, IPAD with retina display, and now the feather light IPAD Air (because we were are all getting overworked picking up the earlier editions). It seems Apple is already drafting the next model of the IPHONE, while releasing the current one. A gaming system that was the latest and greatest a year ago is now obsolete.

When is enough enough? I have simple childhood memories of sitting on the back of my horse or playing tick tack toe in the dirt and feeling so happy and alive. When did our culture turn into the never satisfied, ever hungering quest for the next greatest thing?

What can satisfy us? Delaying our happiness waiting for that new car, house upgrade, pay raise, better school district etc prevents us from enjoying today. When we live waiting for that next great thing to happen, it is easy to look up and realize that years have gone by in a blink. Is life about the arrival of our goals or getting the things we want?

It isn’t even just things but sometimes milestones people put their life on hold for. Waiting for a child to sleep through the night, crawl, walk, talk, makes the little moments of each day seem insignificant or pale in comparison. I am not suggesting that we throw away all electronics or never look to the future but the journey in my life has become more exciting to me than the various finish lines.

Finding contentment in everyday life is what fills me up now. The smell of a fresh pot of coffee, the sound of a bird in my backyard, seeing my daughter’s sweet smile, or hearing her laugh; these are the things that make me smile. I don’t want to spend my whole life working for that next greatest thing or wishing my daughter’s childhood away. I want to just be and enjoy the little moments that come and are gone far too soon.

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