about me

            Hi, I am so excited that you chose to visit my blog. I am a new mother to a wonderful little girl that was born in November of 2013. My husband and I have been married for 3 years, this January, and she is our first child. She has been a huge blessing to our lives. I am looking forward to all of life’s little milestones that we will have while building our family together. Some hobbies of mine include taking pictures, cooking vegetarian recipes, reading, and traveling.

            I have been a nurse for several years, primarily working in the newborn nursery. In 2012, I attended a CLC (Certified Lactation Counselor) training course and have become fascinated with the world of breastfeeding. Although I have taken care of many babies through the years, it is completely different learning to be a parent for the first time. I believe learning to be a new parent takes a lot of love, patience with yourself/others, and time researching.

            I have spent a lot of time researching new parent topics in my career and in my personal life. I believe that building a community where people learn from one another makes life a little bit easier and a lot more fun! With that said, I have started this venture into blogging to share what I have learned and learn from others. I hope to keep this blog an open dialogue where parents can learn from each other. This blog is for anyone interested in parenthood, family life, or just saving money. I hope you enjoy and keep coming back!


Disclaimer: This blog is based on personal interest of the author and should never replace medical advice. This is a parent to parent learning forum and is not a professional/medical consultation tool. Information should only be used at the discretion of your health care practitioner and/or lactation consultant.

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