$1 free Amazon Instant Video Credit

Amazon prime members receive new $1 free credit toward amazon instant videos purchases. This can be used towards buying or renting your next movie and is automatically applied to the next applicable purchase. This credit is available when an Amazon Prime member choses the new No Rush Shipping instead of one of the other shipping options. One of the benefits of being an amazon prime member is the free 2-day shipping that is included on any purchase labeled as Prime. This is really handy when you need something a.s.a.p. and don’t want to pay extra for shipping. Click on the image below to see a screenshot of the new No Rush Shipping, among the other shipping opinions.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.46.18 PM

The shipping options available to Prime members are the discounted one-day shipping (as cheap as $3.99 but it depends on the item), free two-day shipping, free standard shipping, and now the no-rush shipping. These shipping options apply only to items labeled as Prime. Many Prime members set the amazon filters on to show only Prime items that have these shipping benefits. Apparently Amazon has been taking a financial hit with the increased cost of shipping and is looking for new ways to save some shipping and handling charges.

As a Prime member myself, I often take advantage of the free 2-day shipping. Now with the new No Rush Shipping option and the $1 credit for Amazon instant videos I will be utilizing this option when I am not in a hurry for my packages. My husband and I already use Amazon instant video to buy all of our movies and TV shows. This saves space since they are stored online (instead of DVDs) and they are accessible via Wi-Fi on all of our home devices such as our IPAD, ROKU, and Xbox 360.    We can also use the Amazon Instant Video app to download movies/shows onto the IPAD if we will be out of town without available Wi-Fi.

The free two-day shipping is still available but if you aren’t in a rush why not get a $1 credit towards your next movie or TV show. It is a win win for the seller and the consumer!

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